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I have always loved Irish Wolfhounds, although I grew up with Bouviers!   My dream, from the time I was very young, was to have an Irish Wolfhound.
In 1999 I purchased my first Wolfhound.  It snowballed from there, with my second Wolfhound being added in 2000.  I entered the show ring for the first time in early 2001. 

My kennel name, Laislinn, is born from the Irish word "Aislinn" meaning "dream", adding the L in front to create "Lani's Dream".

In my breeding program I strive for correct type, superb temperment, athletic, functional hounds.  I do extensive health testing prior to any breeding in order to produce the healthiest hounds I can, and to help lengthen the longevity of our breed.  

When I breed, my  puppies do not leave my home until 11-12 weeks of age.  They are vaccinated,  microchipped, liver shunt tested, registred with CKC. 

My dogs are my companions and family, first.  They live in the house, share my bed & couches, spread their toys everywhere and generally fill my home with the love only an Irish Wolfhound can.


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