I have always loved Irish Wolfhounds, although I grew up with Bouviers!   My dream, from the time I was very young, was to have an Irish Wolfhound.

In 1999 I purchased my first Wolfhound, Starkeeper Heartstealing Riley, from Jocelyne Gagne of Starkeeper Irish Wolfhounds.  It snowballed from there, with my second Wolfhound being added in 2000.  I entered the show ring for the first time in early 2001.  Since then I have had numerous Wolfhounds, bred 3 litters and most of my spare time is spent at dog shows, race meets or something involving the dogs!

My kennel name, Laislinn, is born from the Irish word "Aislinn" meaning "dream", adding the L in front to create "Lani's Dream".

In my breeding program I strive for correct type, superb temperment, athletic, functional hounds.  I do extensive health testing prior to any breeding in order to produce the healthiest hounds I can, and to help lengthen the longevity of our breed.  

My dogs are my companions and family, first.  They live in the house, share my bed & couches, spread their toys everywhere and generally fill my home with the love only an Irish Wolfhound can.